The philosophy of therapy

Change and Personal Growth

My counselling approach to change is humanistic, empowering, positive and focused on the present

As we begin on your journey, we will agree on a Road Map for Change - where you are going -how will you get there & how you will know when you arrive!

At regular intervals, we will review where we are, to ensure that the process remains dynamic and clear.

It will be a joint commitment for change.

My role is not to change you, but instead to offer you a space for you to create new, healthy, rewarding & meaningful stories.

Your life will never be quite the same again.



Dealing with a life change, serious illness or traumatic experience

At times of difficulty or confusion sometimes all that is needed to feel more able to cope, is a quiet and confidential ‘place’ away from family and friends, to talk and feel understood. 



As we look together at the reasons for you seeking counselling, you may well be surprised to find that other difficult or confusing feelings rise to the surface - feelings that may have been neglected or avoided.

Now is the perfect time to give them a place to be heard & acknowledged.  

It is from a new place of insight & awareness that change can follow.


The philosophy of therapy