Couples and families

Why can counselling be so important?

A family or couple is defined by its communication style.

Often communication within between family members or couples will follow a predictable and ‘traditional’ pattern.

This pattern may have been this way for a long period or have shifted recently due to a change in the family or couples circumstances.

Either way, the communication may be far from ‘healthy’ preferring to view problems as being ...’ all about you’ rather than ‘all about us’

As the communication style becomes more and more predictable, often valuable information will be avoided or dismissed.

The change process

By introducing a new circular communication style within the couple or family, new information that does not fit the old established pattern of relationship will begin to emerge.

Within the unique space of therapy and with the help of specific guided interventions, new ways of relating will become possible, offering the family or couple new opportunities for greater intimacy and positive change .